Countdown to Snowtown
January 13th-16th


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Flower Memorial Events

Flower Memorial Library hosts many different events during Snowtown for kids and families! Visit the Flower Memorial Library website for a complete list of activities.

Snowtown Film Festival

For full details on the film festival, please visit:

Snowtown 2020 Events Schedule

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Our Story

History of Snowtown USA

Following the Blizzard of 1977, Walter Cronkite actually coined the phrase “Snowtown USA” when reporting how the blizzard dumped some 220 inches of snow on Watertown, New York. A few years later, organizers used it for the name of the new festival. Snowtown USA began in the early 1980s but ended in 1997 due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Through a group of volunteers, and the organizational structure of the City of Watertown’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Greater Watertown-North Country Chamber of Commerce, Snowtown USA was resurrected in 2013.

What is Snowtown USA?

Snowtown USA is more than just a series of events over the month of January. It's a celebration of all of us, the Northerner. To the brave men and women willing to live where the weather can jump from +98 to -40 in 6 months. That's why we hold it on the craziest month of the year! With several sponsored events from January 17-26th, there's something for absolutely everyone. Events like Hot Air Balloon Rides at Thompson Park, Snowtown USA Pub Crawl, Free Bowling, and many MANY more.

So come out and come out often all January long and join your fellow locals. Whether you were born here in the snow, or made the incredible decision to move here and become one of us, all are welcome here in Snowtown USA!

Snowtown Film Festival is a two-day film festival organized to foster an appreciation for the art of film-making and to encourage the development of independently produced films that celebrate our legendary Northern New York winters.


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